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Hey! Thanks for stopping by :)

You probably want to know a bit about me, seeing as I am pitching to spend one of the biggest days of your life with you...

I would say it's pretty much just as important to get along with your wedding photographer as it is to love their style of photography. After all, I will be spending lots of time with you on the day, as well as getting to know you as a couple before your wedding. 

My job isn't just to turn up and take pictures. I mean, that is TECHNICALLY my job... but for me it's absolutely essential to get to know you guys and click with you; it makes my job 100x more fun and the photos just that bit better! Urban dictionary describes the word VIBE as 'a distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively', which is exactly what I try and portray in my photos for each and every wedding. YOUR story of YOUR wedding, and YOUR vibe (as the kids would call it)! 


Now, a little bit more about me...

who - what - when - where ?

I'm Iona. I'm 29, and I come from a distant farmland they call Devon (or The Shire, as we call it) in the South West of the UK.

I'm based in Devon, but I absolutely LOVE to travel for weddings, and I'm lucky enough to have been able go to so many lovely places doing this job.

I call myself a portrait photographer, as I just love photographing people, whether it's at weddings, on photoshoots, or babies & families. I love what I do, and I love giving the gift of a moment in time that will exist forever. There's something quite special about that! 

This is my fifth year doing wedding photography, and officially my second year doing it full time! I fell in love with photography at college (eek, almost 10 years ago now!) and always dreamt of pursuing it.

I'm pretty soppy. I might cry at your wedding when my mind flits between looking at my camera settings and listening to your ceremony vows or speeches... so sorry in advance for that one. 

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what am I like at weddings?

Well, besides being a bit too emotionally invested sometimes, I'm pretty relaxed and love to have a chin wag and a bit of banter with you and your guests. Blending in with your wedding guests is important to me as it allows me to get close to the action and snap the fun and energy of your day.

You won't catch be being loud, shouting 'SMILE!', or taking charge of the day whatsoever; you'll barely know I'm there. 

It's sometimes tricky to place yourself in one specific category for wedding photography, as usually us wedding photographers have a bit of an overlap of styles throughout the day. 

Throughout my time doing wedding photography, I have gravitated to a more reportage/documentary and informal approach to wedding photography. Which basically means pose-free, no cheesy smilies or looking at the camera, and you guys just doing your thing and me leaving you to it.


The creme de la creme for me are the raw moments between you two and your guests - the groom seeing the bride for the first time, or the moment on dad's face when you say 'I do'. However, we all know grandma wants a few traditional shots of the fam all together, so of course I make time to fit those in. I have no qualms with group shots or any staged shots you would like, however I try not to have those being the focus of the day, and I usually get them done as quick as possible so you can go back to partying!

I love doing a few arty couple photos as well which often end up being some of my favourite shots from the day. This is where you can have some time to yourselves as a couple, and we can get a bit creative and snap some pictures of the two of you away from all your guests. I've found sneaking off 20 minutes just after your speeches/afternoon meal works best, especially if we have some lovely evening sun. I always try and keep things natural, and steer away from the awkward posing and just capture you guys chilling out as newlyweds.

So, in conclusion, I am definitely more on the documentary & contemporary side of life! Less of the traditional, less of the posed, and more of the FUN!

so what style are you? documentary? reportage? natural? contemporary? artistic? and what do they all really mean?

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